Tea Hospitality Tin 100gr Jasmine Organic Green Tea

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Tea Hospitality Tin 100gr Jasmine Organic Green Tea

Tea to-go everywhere, proposed in tea bags, large enough to let the leaves blossom during brew.

According to a tradition once established in the imperial court of Hue, you must be three to drink tea. The tea is served quite strong, the master of ceremony pours it into a big bowl, and then immediately into small individual bowls to reveal its flavour. This tradition once reserved for the nobility has become a popular and cultural tradition over the centuries and there is always a teapot ready to welcome a traveller or to gather friends or family round it.

In Vietnam, they like to blend the heady perfume of freshly-picked jasmine flowers with the tangy sweetness of green tea leaves to create a tea with a floral flavour.

Ingredients : green tea from Vietnam, jasmin flowers.
10 x 2 g - Net wt. 10 x 0,07 Oz.